After Market Body Parts

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Aftermarket body parts are auto parts manufactured by a manufacturer other than the original one. Although the use of these parts is a controversial subject depending on whom you speak with, the majority of the time these parts don't fit properly. Mechanics have to manipulate them in order to make them work.

The After Market Body Parts - The Industry

The aftermarket body parts industry had its start in the 1970s. It started functioning under the name, Parts of America, which was funded by an insurance company. Its purpose was to duplicate General Motors and Ford fenders. After filing bankruptcy, the insurance company opened another company in Taiwan to continue with the work. Thus, the aftermarket body parts industry was born.

One problem is that these parts are not tested; they're simply copied. As a result, they often don't fit properly; paint cracks and lights turn yellow. There have been reports of aftermarket hoods coming off a vehicle while on the highway.

The Certified Auto Parts Association (CAPA) was formed to check the Taiwanese parts because they were of such poor quality. The CAPA came up with a list of criteria to certify the parts. Insurance companies can claim to use only CAPA certified parts. The ironic thing is that the same insurance companies formed CAPA. The insurance companies normally push for these parts; they rely on the majority of consumers not fighting for the quality factory parts.

The Insurance Industry

If you've ever had your car repaired through your auto insurance, chances are that the replacement parts used were after market body parts. Since the auto insurance industry is regulated at the state level, each state may have different guidelines regarding the use of after market body parts. In some states, insurance companies may use aftermarket body parts without the policyholder's consent. Other states may stipulate that the consumer should be notified if an aftermarket body part was used on his car. Furthermore, some states have banned the use of this type of auto parts.

Best Places On The Web

Geocities.com is an online resource you can use if you're interested in purchasing after market body parts. This site contains a long list of links to part manufacturers. Majesticmodifications.com is another helpful resource. Car enthusiasts who like to customize their car or truck will find this site a useful resource. Bestdealcarparts.com offers 5% off when you place an order over $100. Customers buying wholesale receive 40-70% off their order. This site even offers same day shipping on many items. In addition, Hubcaps.com also provides a list of suppliers.

After Market Body Parts Manufacturers

Keystone Automotive Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of aftermarket body parts. They have 100,000 part numbers in their database, so you're sure to find what you need. They carry the Platinum Plus label, which includes replacement mirrors, lighting components, wheels, bumper covers, and cooling system products. Furthermore, Uniauto Inc. is a Chinese company that manufactures hubcaps, emblems, wheel racks, shift knobs, and many other products. Haw Tuoh Auto Spare Parts Co., Ltd. is another Chinese manufacturer of parts and accessories such as headlamps, mirrors, wheel covers, and front door panels.

After market parts are not limited to car parts only. J & amp;P Cycles ® is a motorcycle aftermarket parts supplier. At J & amp;P Cycles ® , you'll find everything you need for your Harley-Davidson ® , Vintage, Metric, or Sportsbike. You can request a free catalog on CD or view the catalog online.

After Market Body Kits

Body kits are becoming more popular. Most of us have seen customized trucks or cars. If you've wondered how the doors can open vertically, it's through the use of a body kit. A body kit is a collection of components to make modifications on a car's exterior. When you order the kit, you receive all the components and instructions you need to make the modifications yourself. Modifications can range from putting on a different bumper to giving your car a complete new look. These kits have become so popular that car manufacturers are now manufacturing the kits, as well.

These kits can range anywhere from one hundred to thousands of dollars. Kits are especially used to alter sports cars and trucks. These aftermarket parts are normally made of fiberglass.

You may be wondering where you can buy these kits. There is a plethora of companies selling aftermarket body kits. Bodykits.com is a site that sells a wide range of body parts including body kits. CarBodyStore.com is another website that sells after market parts and body kits for your car. The site offers free shipping on all orders (where applicable). Moreover, they offer guaranteed fit and price matching with prices starting at $395.

As you can see, while consumers oppose the use of after market body parts by insurance companies, others elect to buy after market body kits by choice. As with anything else, research is critical in making decisions. Buying parts for your car is no different. You will find pros and cons on both sides. You're the only one that can choose what's best for you.

Pimping Your Ride

Consumers looking to pimp their ride and make their car look absolutely awesome will find that there are an array of aftermarket body parts to choose from! Some aftermarket body parts are sensible additions while other aftermarket car body parts make for eye catching ornamentations. Basically, when it comes to using aftermarket body parts, the consumer can be as creative as he or she wants to be and can dress up a car to suit his or her personality with great ease!

Aftermarket Body Parts that Make a Difference

Consumers love the notion of making their car one of a kind, all their own and one that will catch the eye of everyone they pass by as they cruise the streets. Aftermarket body parts make it possible for a car owner to make customized additions to the body and interior of a car so that they can make their ride personalized in every sense. What's more, since there is an assortment of aftermarket car body parts to choose from, consumers can make a car look completely different or new without the expense of buying an entirely different car altogether.

In terms of popular aftermarket car parts, many consumers look to change the tire rims, the car grill, hoods, doors, and fenders. There are aftermarket body parts available for the majority of car makes and models in existence, and consumers will have little difficulty accessorizing their vehicles to match personal likes and preferences. Modifying a vehicle becomes a fun pastime, and there are a number of consumers that choose to invest a considerable amount of money in the customization venture.

Creative Aftermarket Car Body Parts

When looking to make a car look unique, the installation of one or more aftermarket car body parts can do the trick. For example, if a consumer has a car that has an entirely red body, they may opt to install a black hood to give the car a different look. Stylish mirrors that match the color of the car or the color of the newly installed hood are yet another option. For those consumers looking to really be creative, spinning tire rims are available for purchase, and some special lighting can be added to the vehicle to give the car that one of a kind appearance.

Aftermarket car body parts and kits are available to consumers looking to make swift and easy changes to a car's body. A car body kit is sold that suits a particular make and model and will typically include things like trendy front and rear bumpers, and side skirts. Kits also include any adhesives that are needed as well as necessary installation hardware. Some kits also, in some cases include front and rear air dams. A trunk conversion kit is another option consumers can invest in trunks can be changed so that they open differently and can be used for displaying sound system set ups and the like. In the meantime different trim can be added to the outer body or exterior of a car and it will dress up the car in an instant; the application of B pillar trim can give the car's body a sleeker appearance overall by causing the viewer's eyes to be drawn in the direction in which the trim lays.

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Sensible Aftermarket Body Parts

Some car owners opt to add a rack on top of a vehicle after they have purchased it. It is often cheaper to buy such accessories after a newer car has left the lot as a car dealer will charge a great deal for each accessory added to a vehicle that is considered optional. For car owners that travel quite a bit, luggage racks and bike racks make good sense and are sold as attractive add-ons.

Aftermarket Body Parts for Truck Owners

Truck owners like to make their rides fancy and unique too. For truck owners there are different hoods, grills, tire rims, mirrors, fenders, and other body parts available. Truck owners will also often invest in a truck bed liner. Liners not only protect the bed of the truck, but it can make a truck attractive and newer looking.
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Finding Aftermarket Auto Body Parts Online

By using aftermarket body parts, the consumer saves a considerable amount of money because they are purchasing car parts based on a secondary market price. Aftermarket body parts are frequently sold by distributors that specialize in car accessories. There are shops available on the Internet where the consumer can order aftermarket body parts and have them shipped to their home for little in terms of shipping cost.

Consumers can also find some fairly inexpensive aftermarket body parts at online auctions or on sites that focus on selling discounted auto body parts as well.

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